Eclipse freezes/hangs on Secure Storage dialog box


Every now and again I’ll start up eclipse/myeclipse and as soon as the Secure Storage password dialog pops up eclipse freezes – slightly annoying because all you can do is kill off eclipse.  From my research it appear this problem is caused by a thread deadlock and apparently upgrading to jdk 1.7 fixes the issue however there is another way to combat it…..

My initial work around was to clone my workspace, wipe the original workspace and fire eclipse back up pointing at the newly wiped workspace (then copy my projects back into this workspace), a tedious way to get back into the action but it does work.

A slicker way round the problem is to completely wipe the security folder situated beneath your home folder.  In my case I’d navigate to


and totally remove the folder, this folder holds the secure storage password and if not present will not prompt the password dialog box on startup. The only downside is that you will need to relog when connecting to various services like cvs/svn etc etc…

Footnote: there are several solutions on stackoverflow addressing the issue but by far the most effective is the method mentioned above!